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“When a life-journey intersects with art, something magically happens that causes us to look deeper into ourselves—leading to a greater understanding of self, others and the world.”


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I’ve always had a love for the arts. I grew up performing music with my colorful family, which includes my uncles—The Chambers Brothers. Music was life to us, and led to my earliest exploration of the performing arts, singing at venues like the Roxy, LA Street Scene, The Whisky-a-Go-Go, and the Hollywood Bowl. My love for books connected me to both the written and visual art’s which fueled my passion to create.

Art was one of the tools that helped with the discovery of self, independence, and identity.

I enjoy working with items that are considered obsolete to demonstrate there is value in what was canceled out. When I look at a floppy disk, I think of how it was once our most treasured way of storing and transferring images, yet technology rendered it “useless”. However; when I use a floppy disk to make art, its voice continues—transferring images. It still has purpose-and Art has a remarkable way of helping us heal while we’re on the journey to our God-given purpose. Which is why I like to say…

‘Self-Care is valuable, let’s make it colorful too.’

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Writing was my first connection to creative expression. I have always been fascinated at how words strung together in a story can awaken one’s imaginations while inspiring us to live a better life.


When my children were younger, I enjoyed reading folktales with a positive, message-driven narrative—only I wanted to see more characters that looked like my daughters and the children of color in my community. I began writing those stories myself and eventually shared them at local schools, where they were well received. Now I’m making them available in paperback, e-book format and audio version—one story at a time.


“Connie-Vee is a talented storyteller and gifted, generous teacher. It was a pleasure to work with her. She has the courage to try to make the world a better place by celebrating diversity while also showing the humanity and kindness that can unite us all.” –Robert Reese, Author


The Maker of Oils

The Maker of Oils is a fun fast moving story that teaches the value of being the giver and not the receiver. We listen to Connie-Vee’s talent as she takes us on a journey through a little village acting out all of the characters, including the industrious chief, the mischievous neighbor, the wealthy visitor and of the course, the Oil Maker and his family. [Published by 3Hawk Sky LLC]

Mia and Zola Adventure One: Up and Out- a night without the TV Written by, Connie-Vee Hawkins. Illustrated by TeMika Grooms.

Right Side Up and Out: A fun story about Ten-year-old Mia and her family who love sitting in front of the TV screen, completely opposite of Mia’s Grandma Zola, who loves getting outdoors. When the unexpected leaves the family in the dark, Mia gets a life lesson from Zola that includes, a bear in striped underwear, Mount Nomore and her dad dancing in diapers—sounds like an adventure that can only happen away from the screen. [Published by 3Hawk Sky LLC]

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Connie-Vee uses Words and Images to weave together a beautiful inspirational tapestry of color that connects us to our past, present, and future selves.
Her Afro-futuristic art, humorous and inspiring children's stories, and Self-Care talks pull from her experience as a mother, educator, and her life as a Black woman navigating life in America. Her art captures the beauty of seeing oneself on the screen, in a book or on the canvas, particularly during a time when the erasure of Black bodies is becoming more acceptable to do. We are all valuable and worthy of celebrating...one story at a time. Enjoy her art.





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