The Maker of Oils

June 12, 2019

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-B. Swangin Webster “

When Kemi, the daughter of an oil maker turned fruit peddler ask to attend  Mr. Sola’s annual party her parents, know they have nothing fancy enough to sell at the big party. If they had they’d make a fine much-needed profit.

They decide to make their gift a simple prayer, that the rich man’s journey will be a success. When their pesky neighbor, Mobolade learns of their gift he along with his artisan neighbors waste no time turning them into the laughing stock of the village.

What good can a poor man’s prayer do a wealthy man?  Only, Mr. Sola is not interested in a prayer or a fancy gift, he’s in search of his wife’s favorite fragrance called, Allauria, and nothing else will do.  Will he abandon his quest for the rare oil and purchase a finely crafted gift or will he and everyone else discover some of the most perfect gifts are those not made with hands?

The Maker of Oils

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